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09113 Chemnitz

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foneta - Sprachschule Chemnitz
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Foreign language Courses

“Whoever learns a foreign language takes their hat off to another country.”

(Martin Kessel)


What we do for you isn’t old hat: come and learn modern communication skills with us in German, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Czech as well as Urdu, Hindi or the click language Sesotho.

We offer courses for companies and private individuals at all levels in small groups (3-8 learners) or one-to-one sessions.

For Companies

We can create language courses for you which are tailor-made to your specific requirements and which fit in with your preferred timings and locations. Our courses deliver the specialist communication skills which are relevant to your business.

We can draw on our long-standing experience in teaching business and technical subject matter and we also have specialist skills in the medical and legal fields.

For Enthusiasts

Our in-house courses are open to learners of all levels and languages. You can practise your business communication skills as well as getting to know the peculiarities of everyday language in small groups at a favourable cost.