Dr. Angela Donat
Blankenauer Straße 99
09113 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 666123-0
Fax: +49 371 666123-2

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Text Editing and Correction

“The difference between the right word and the one that’s nearly right is the same as the difference between a flash of lightning and a lightning bug.”

(Mark Twain)

Give your texts the verbal packaging that will hit your readers like a bolt of lightning.

Language and form can influence the receiver positively or negatively, even though the content of a piece of text is crucial.

We work on both technical and scientific texts like dissertations, business reports or offers as well as advertising copy or your first short story.

We correct your texts taking into consideration:

• Correct spelling

• Punctuation

• Grammar

• Word division

• Typographical errors

We edit your texts taking into consideration:

• The aspects mentioned above

• Language

• Style

• Logical structure