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What is a Focus Class?

“We live such a short time and our memory fades so much that we should only learn from the exceptional”

(Frederick II)

How our teaching is exceptional can be seen reflected in our latest product:

the focus class.

This is a particularly intensive type of language training –it focuses on content which is practical and specialised and uses communicative, totally active methods. On the one hand “class” stands for teaching and on the other hand, of course, for quality. Focus class is a product which has been developed in response to the demands of our clients.

Here we can really do justice to special requests in a special way.

This means that we create courses which are tailored exclusively to the requirements of the client, and so they are unique. Our teaching and learning materials, developed by our specialists, are used effectively here. We also work with experts in body language or telephone technique.

The workshops are planned to take place at weekends with overnight hotel accommodation. We always focus on a particular use of language such as negotiation skills or presentation skills. We offer 12 hour workshops on specific themes and you can practise your foreign language conversation outside the classroom. This is how learners get the most out of their intensive weekends.